Fidel Castro and the Jews


Fidel Castro, Cuba’s former president and leader of the Communist revolution, dies aged 90 in Santiago, Cuba.  Now gone, many questions and mysteries to Fidel Castro`s ancestry will probably remain unknown. One of the widely spread rumors claim that actually Castro was a descendant of Jews who converted to the Christian faith to escape persecution known as `Marranos`. Although no… Read more »

Chinese Jews ?

koderius   December 19, 2015   No Comments on Chinese Jews ?
Chinese Jews , Chinese Jewish community

Is there such a thing as Chinese Jews ? Are there any Jewish communities in China ? The short answer is YES !Of course there are Chinese Jews. The State of the Kaifeng Community. There are four groups of Jews, or people of Jewish descent in China. The first are the so-called Chinese Jews of Kaifeng, now estimated at some 100 families totalling… Read more »