T1 line speed suck

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Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that T lines a generally symetric, which means your upload and download bandwidth are the same, whereas cable speeds are usually asymetric. Also, do you host your own email? If your inside wiring isn't what it should be, if you have improper DSL filtering done modem filtered or no filters at all then your speed will suffer. It uses higher frequencies. That's good to know!

Even if DSL is available in that area, it may not be a good solution either.

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More scalable - not important necessarily right away or ever? It also made interactive use of e. After midnight on a weeknight, according to bandwithplace. As for why that is the maximum speed you can get? Zeus8 Aug Back in the day our T1 had the power line drop on the phone lines and burn out all the wiring into our closet. The latency is a dealbreaker, IMO.

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