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And she dont need to fix anything. And sadly it has nearly million views even though it is pure trash. Is there a rule that the majority of strippers have to be busted lookin. Oh my god please speak somewhat grammatically correct! Regardless of what you do, she is a go getter and she never gave up on her Dreams! Have a nice day. Hey, how are you?

Cardi B is beautiful and fine funny and humble at the same time.

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Get on with your life again. Are you interested in joining the illuminati, and gaining massive, wealth, riches, fame, and become best in what ever you are doing? Hey, how are you? Damn all these comments hatin on how a stripper made it making hit songs. Shes busted her face is gross looking especially with no makeup on her body not all that either id bang her on a drunk night though and thats even a maybe lmao. Dont you mean business owner with a TV show for charity? Get your shit together ya might see a psychiatrist for these insecurities beside that think to become support as a family member get a job try to become the good ones damn it kids Peace and love to everybody and also to Get at school and Nowadays those from above good ones.

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